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Pakistan Stock Market Emerges as Top Performer in 2023, Outpacing Major Asset Classes

After experiencing a prolonged bearish trend, the stock market in Pakistan has re-emerged as the highest return provider in 2023, outperforming all major asset classes, according to a research note released by Topline Securities Ltd.

The benchmark of major shares listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange recorded a remarkable gain of 53%, including dividends, in the outgoing year until December 22. This robust performance marks a significant turnaround for the stock market, which faced bearish conditions in the preceding years.

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The analysis by Topline Securities examined the average returns across 12 asset classes in 2023. The stock market's strong performance was followed by the dollar-denominated Naya Pakistan Certificate under the Roshan Digital Account scheme, providing investors with a 33% return in rupee terms due to the depreciation of the local currency against the dollar.

Real estate emerged as the third-best asset class, with average prices of houses, residential, and commercial plots in Karachi rising by 6-29% in 2023, as reported by real estate portal Zameen.com.

Other notable asset classes include the dollar, which produced a return of 25% in 2023, treasury bills with a 23% gain amid record-high interest rates, and gold, providing an 18% annual profit.

Investors, seeking fixed-income and low-risk options, turned to avenues such as bank saving rates (17%), National Savings Special Savings Certificate (13%), and money market funds offered by local asset management companies (20%) in 2023.

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