Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Spotify features Tharparkar artist Mai Dhai on Times Square as the EQUAL PK ambassador for June 2024

Following the features of Pakistani music legends like Nadia Hassan as ambassadors of EQUAL Pakistan, Spotify has announced another legendary woman artist, Mai Dhai, a distinguished regional classical singer, as the EQUAL Pakistan ambassador of the month for June.

Hailing from Tharparkar, Sindh, Mai Dhai has earned the distinction of not just being the first regional artist to be selected as the ambassador for the signature program for women artists, but is also the first EQUAL PK ambassador for the year 2024 to be featured on the iconic Times Square, New York billboard.

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The EQUAL Pakistan initiative by Spotify is dedicated to amplifying the voices of women artists and promoting gender equality in the music industry. By spotlighting Mai Dhai, Spotify not only celebrates her enduring contributions to music, but also underscores the importance of recognizing and supporting regional artists. Her music, characterized by its folk melodies and deep-rooted cultural essence, resonates across borders, particularly in top countries such as India, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Bangladesh.

Mai Dhai’s musical journey has transcended regional boundaries. With a rich legacy in traditional folk music, she has dedicated her life to preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of her homeland. Mai Dhai’s rise to fame was significantly bolstered by her participation in the eighth season of Pakistan’s beloved music series, Coke Studio. Her powerful performances have captivated audiences nationwide, solidifying her status as a cultural icon and a cherished voice in the Pakistani music industry.


Listen to her tracks on Spotify here.

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