Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Suzuki Alto Latest Price in Pakistan in 2024

The Pakistani auto industry grapples with ongoing economic challenges, resulting in a surge in car prices. Here's the Suzuki Alto Latest Price in Pakistan in 2024.

Suzuki Alto, renowned for its brand recognition, resale value, maintenance cost, parts availability, and extensive service network across Pakistan, stands resilient as a preferred choice in the local market.

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Suzuki Alto Latest Prices:

Alto VXR - Rs2,251,000:

The Suzuki Alto VXR, priced at Rs2,251,000, presents an enticing entry-level option, catering to car enthusiasts seeking a budget-friendly vehicle.

Alto VXR AGS - Rs2,612,000:

For those desiring the convenience of an automatic transmission at a competitive price, the Alto VXR AGS, priced at Rs2,612,000, offers a compelling choice.

Alto VXR-AGS - Rs2,799,000:

Combining affordability and automatic transmission, the Alto VXR-AGS, priced at Rs2,799,000, provides a hassle-free driving experience.

Alto VXL-AGS - Rs2,935,000:

With an attractive package featuring affordable pricing and automatic transmission, the Alto VXL-AGS, priced at Rs2,935,000, appeals to those seeking additional features.

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Izaan Zubair
Izaan Zubair
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