Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Minister For Energy Inaugurates Oil, Gas, and Minerals Career Expo

The Federal Minister for Energy, Mr. Muhammad Ali, inaugurated the 'Fuelling Futures Career Expo 2024' on January 31 at the Pakistan-China Friendship Centre in Islamabad.

Organized by the Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division) in collaboration with Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL), this two-day career expo garnered enthusiastic participation from students, educators, and industry representatives.

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Addressing the gathering, MD and CEO of PPL, Mr. Imran Abbasy, expressed gratitude for the impressive turnout of students from across the nation and lauded the contributions of participating companies and universities in making the event a resounding success. He emphasized the expo's role in providing a platform for students to engage with industry leaders, gaining insights and opportunities in the oil, gas, and mineral sectors.

In his keynote speech, Minister Ali underscored the significance of the event in enabling students to explore career paths aligned with the evolving energy landscape. He stressed the importance of affordable, accessible, and sustainable energy solutions, highlighting Pakistan's energy deficit and the potential for transforming it into surplus through strategic initiatives. Additionally, he pointed out the abundant mineral resources within the country, presenting avenues for future exploration and extraction.

The 'Fuelling Futures Career Expo' witnessed an overwhelming response, with approximately 5000 students from various Pakistani institutions in attendance, along with faculty members and staff from over 30 universities and schools. Fourteen prominent oil, gas, and mineral companies participated, engaging attendees through informative presentations, discussions on sectoral significance, and career counseling sessions.

Themed 'Fuelling the Future,' the expo encompassed a spectrum of activities, including company presentations, educational sessions on industry opportunities, and interactive dialogues on career guidance. Managed by PPL in collaboration with RG Blue Communications, the event catalyzed empowering youth and fostering collaboration between academia and industry in driving Pakistan's energy and mineral sectors forward.

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